Toyota - GeoDict simulations help in reducing back pressure

GeoDict® Innovation through Simulation

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Thursday, January 31, 2019
Edited by Andreas Wiegmann, Ph.D., Dr. Barbara Planas, and Franziska Arnold, Math2Market GmbH.

Simulations with GeoDict® software help in reducing back pressure in Gasoline Particulate Filters by 25%.

At the World Congress Experience 2018, Atsushi Tanaka, Naoto Miyoshi and Akemi Sato of Toyota Motor Company presented the article "Development of Low Pressure and High Performance GPF Catalyst".

They analyzed the microstructure of washcoats with GeoDict® and understood how to modify them in such a way that the pressure drop in GPFs due to the coating was reduced by almost 50%. The newly developed coating reduces the back pressure of the whole GPF by about 25%. The high performance of the GPF as catalyst and particulate filter remains unchanged by this back pressure reduction.

Commercial use of the newly developed material began already in 2017.

For more details, check out their abstract and article here:

For more information about the capabilities of GeoDict® for the development of DPF, GPF and catalytic converters, please have a look at our PowerPoint presentation "Modeling and Simulation in Diesel Particulate Filters"