Simulation of reactive transport processes: Acidizing treatment in carbonate reservoirs

GeoDict® Innovation through Simulation

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Monday, March 11, 2019
Edited by Dr. Barbara Planas, and Franziska Arnold, Math2Market GmbH.

Simulation of reactive transport processes: Acidizing treatments in carbonate reservoirs. (Abstract)

We present a particle/continuum approach for a reactive transport simulation which can be carried out with the scientific software GeoDict® on a state of the art desktop workstation.

The presented model allows running simulations directly on real rock structures of representative size (REV). Using a very simple model for the chemical reaction, we can achieve comparable phenomenological dissolution patterns, similar to published results.

We are using high performance reliable numerical solvers for the simulation of fluid flow and particle movement and an easily adaptable MATLAB function to implement the model for the chemical reaction.

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