Big Consulting Project with GeoDict-KaleidoSim Cloud

Big Consulting Project with GeoDict-KaleidoSim Cloud

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Thursday, February 25th, 2021.
Edited by Dr. Barbara Planas and Steffen Schwichow, Math2Market GmbH.

First big consulting project running on the GeoDict-KaleidoSim Cloud

Benchmarks and in-house computations were successfully carried out in the cloud before, but now, a new era starts for M2M.
Consulting projects requiring many high-speed and large-scale simulations can now be performed in attractive and profitable conditions by using the cloud service of our Swiss partner KaleidoSim Technologies AG.

On Monday at 6pm, the first big material optimization project started by running 24 individual simulations, each on 48 cores and 348 GB RAM. Each simulation ran on a processed synchrotron sample with 2400 x 2400 x 2100 computational cells - that is over 12 billion voxels per simulation. All simulations were finished by Tuesday at 11pm - in just 29 h.

What is the benefit of using the cloud service?
At the usual 24 h per simulation, they would block one of M2M's best computers for over 3 weeks.
Now, since they took only 29 h, the client receives the results over 3 weeks earlier compared to projects using purely in-house resources.
For M2M, it means that we do not need to purchase and run those 24 high-price computers, but instead lease them for 1 day.

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