GeoDict Workshops

GeoDict® 2020 Workshop Day - September 26, 2019

Directly after the 8th GeoDict User Meeting, we offer the Workshop Day for the GeoDict 2020 release. The workshops will take place on September 26th, 2019 in the training rooms of Math2Market in Kaiserslautern.

The workshops are aimed at beginners and users with some experience in GeoDict. The number of participants per workshop is limited to 15 to guarantee the best possible support and interaction during the workshops. The workshops will cover from an introduction to GeoDict to obtaining first impressive results through application-oriented step-by-step exercises. The workshop trainers will provide one-on-one help and support while the direct contact with users from other entities will promote the exchange of best practices.

Registration deadline is September 6th, 2019.
Participation is free of cost for customers with a current maintenance contract!
The workshops will be held in English!

After the workshop you will receive the GeoDict certification of participation.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the workshops on September 26th in Kaiserslautern.

You can optionally register for the Get-Together the evening on September 25th by e-mail

Wednesday, September 25th
6:00pm Get-together in 21-"TwentyOne"-Lounge above the roofs of Kaiserslautern*

The GeoDict 2020 Workshop Day is divided into four morning parallel workshops and two interdisciplinary workshops in the afternoon.
Select the session(s) appropriate for your application from the following program:

Thursday, September 26th

8:30am Welcome and coffee; Distribution of GeoDict 2020 workshop licenses
9:00am Start of the parallel morning workshops:

Workshop Batteries: Digital battery material design - from a Digital Twin towards innovation
  • Learn to create a Digital Twin starting with a 3D scan of a cathode structure using GrainFind and GrainGeo
  • Analyze the geometric characteristics and the transport properties
  • Design and optimize a prototype of cathode material with GeoDict 2020: Calculate contact resistance and add a binder gradient
  • Use BatteryDict 2020 half-cell simulation for performance evaluation

Workshop Structural Materials: Simulation of large deformation of foams with ElastoDict
  • Import of a CT-scan of a foam
  • Learn to easily create realistic foam structures with FoamGeo
  • Introduction to simulation of large deformations of foams with ElastoDict

  • Learn about parameter studies for the design of foams

Workshop Filtration: Computational modelling and simulation of filters
  • Import a SEM image of a nano-fibrous filter media into GeoDict and generate a 3D filter media model using FiberGeo
  • Set flow and filtration simulations of nano-fibrous filter media while considering the slip-length for nano-fibers
  • Set flow and filtration simulations of filters (complete filter with housing)
  • Set flow and filtration simulations for crossflow filtration

Workshop Digital Rock Physics: Image processing and property prediction for reservoir rocks
  • Standard Digital Rock Analysis
    • Image processing and Quality control for CT-scans
    • Prediction of MICP, Drainage, absolute and relative permeability
  • Advanced Digital Rock Analysis tools
    • Prediction of unresolved porosity in microCT-scans
    • User requests
12:00 Lunch
1:00pm Start of the parallel afternoon workshops:

Fully Booked | Only waiting list spots left.
Register for a waiting list spot and receive cancellation or confirmation of the registration
per e-mail by Friday 20 September

Workshop Visualization: Creation of impressive images and animations with GeoDict 2020

  • Get to know the new GUI features for visualization
  • Easy creation of impressive images for presentation materials
  • Create great videos with just a few clicks
  • Automate visualization using scripts

Fully Booked | Only waiting list spots left.
Register for a waiting list spot and receive cancellation or confirmation of the registration
per e-mail by Friday 20 September

Workshop GeoPython: Enhance your productivity with customized and automated GeoDict workflows

  • Recording and playback of GeoPython macros
  • Parameter studies
  • Python language basics
  • Accessing GeoDict simulation results
  • PowerPoint report generation
4:00pm End

Math2Market GmbH
Richard-Wagner-Str. 1, 4th floor
67655 Kaiserslautern, Germany

Find the venue
Directions and parking facilities
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The Fackelcenter in the city center of Kaiserslautern

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our organization team:

Dr. Barbara Planas

+49 631 205 605 14


Rabea Rett

+49 631 205 605 39


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Hotel Barth

Mühlstraße 31
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Hotel Heymann

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