User Meeting

Reflecting on the GeoDict User Meeting 2019

Many thanks to all speakers and participants of the GeoDict User Meeting 2019.

International representatives of academic research institutions and industry, as well as worldwide distributors of GeoDict and commercial partners of Math2Market, joined us in the Gartenschau in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and made our 8th User Meeting an unforgetable event.

With early fall temperatures and a most pleasant athmosphere, an intensive exchange of information took place in large and small groups. We intensified long-time relationships with Math2Market customers and established new relationships.

Save the date for the 9th GeoDict User Meeting which will take place in Kaiserslautern on September 22 and 23, 2020.

We look forward to welcoming you again next year!

Brief overview of the new possibilities and functions of GeoDict 2020

New, in-house developed image filters for the pre-processing of CT and FIB/SEM images: curtaining filter, ring filter, illumination correction filter, etc.

Fast and reliable pre-processing of images through the new Workflow Manager: record and reuse best settings for automation of pre-processing.

Direct 3D visualization preview of gray value images to gain quick insights into needed pre-processing steps: accelerate pre-processing.

Revolutionary implementation of coarsening during creation of surface mesh for the export of voxelized microstructures to STL format with extremely improved memory usage and speed through parallelization.

Easier, more accurate, and automatic segmentation into different grain types for grain identification for the generation of Digital Twins.

Fiber and binder analysis and identification now improved with layerwise fiber orientation analysis.

Truly realistic modeling of binder addition with user-defined binder gradient distribution.

Representative and accurate structural mechanical simulations through:

  • user-defined material laws for proprietary materials: material laws are fitted to experimental mechanical measurements.
  • mechanical simulations considering pore fluids and varying pore pressure.

Highlights in simulation of filtration processes available now:

  • outstanding complete filter design with the newly possible flow and filtration simulations of complete filters (filter component and housing)
  • unique crossflow filtration simulation for the design of particulate filters (diesel, gasoline)
  • enhanced slip-flow for unmatched simulation of filtration through nanofiber media

Effortless comparison of plot data from parameter studies through one-click combination of multiple simulation results. Combined plots exportable to CSV and other formats for other post-processing.

Minimal user-input needed with new Add-In/Apps single-click presets to run standard simulations. Available for filtration, DRP, fuel cell and battery research, water membranes, producing 3D-image reports for quality control, making stunning videos from result data and many more.


All participants of the GeoDict User Meeting 2019 can download the conference presentations via a password-protected area.
The necessary access data (user name and password) were announced at the end of the User Meeting.

Book of abstracts 2019 (PDF)
Talks Structural Materials (zip-file)
Talks Digital Rock Physics (zip-file)
Talks Electrochemistry (zip-file)
Talks Filtration (zip-file)
Talks all-other-topics (zip-file)

The organization team will provide you with the login data if needed:

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