GeoDict Workshops
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Thank you for the lively interest in this year's GeoDict 2021 Release online Workshops!

The GeoDict 2021 Release online Workshops took place from September 21 - 25, 2020

in combination with the GeoDict Online User Meeting 2020 and the release of GeoDict 2021.

For two years now, a GeoDict Workshop Day had been taking place after our annual GeoDict User Meeting. However, the present COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 made imperative to offer the Workshops ONLINE for a few hours a day, in combination with the User Meeting, and extend them over the period of a week.

The Workshops were aimed at GeoDict beginners and users with some experience. The workshops covered from an introduction to GeoDict to obtaining first impressive results through application-oriented step-by-step exercises.

GeoDict 2021 Workshops

Five days - eight workshops

A total of eight GeoDict Workshops were held directly after the User Meeting sessions during the five days of September 21-25.

  • Image Processing/Image Analysis
  • Filtration
  • Digital Material Research & Development
  • Batteries & Fuel cells
  • Digital Rock Physics
  • Visualization in GeoDict
  • Automation with GeoPython - Beginners
  • Automation with GeoPython - Advanced

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or requests about the GeoDict 2021 Release Workshops:

Dr. Barbara Planas
Dr. Barbara Planas
Teamleiter Marketing, Dokumentation & Events
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