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Should I download and install the additional required tools?
Some external tools (crucial for the functionality of some modules and to generate mp4 movies from images) have been moved into an additional installer instead of being bundled in the GeoDict installer due to legal restrictions.
Proceed first with the GeoDict installer, then with the required Tools installer.

What you need to know...

Commercial Software

GeoDict is neither freeware nor shareware and requires a license purchased from Math2Market GmbH to use the software. GeoDict is registered as a trademark of Math2Market GmbH.

Information on downloading and installing GeoDict and requesting a license

Download, Installation, and Licensing handbook of the User Guide

License models - As flexible as you are

The versatile fields of application of GeoDict require a flexible license offer to create an attractive price-performance ratio for our clients.

Learn more about the GeoDict license models!


The license price depends on the modules included in the package.

We are happy to help you

On request, we are happy to recommend the modules fitting your industry, or particular project, and offer the appropriate license price.
An overview of the available modules is available here. Individual modules can be varied at any time.

Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

Support, User Guide, and Tutorials

GeoDict is a comprehensive, scientific software. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about GeoDict. Contact us to obtain the login data.

General questions about the GeoDict software? Our User Guide handbooks are the fastest way to find answers.
The GeoDict User Guide

Getting the most out of GeoDict simulations? We advise you personally within a project to integrate GeoDict seamlessly into your workflows.
Learn more about the GeoDict license models!