ImportGeo Module

The ImportGeo-Base interface

The ImportGeo-Base module provides an additional way to open files in GeoDict formats (.gdt, .leS, .g32, .gad) besides using the File menu. ImportGeo-Base supports 4-bit color (.gdt, .les) and 32 bit color (.g32) files for the visual representation of the structure geometry.

After opening their files with ImportGeo-Base, the loaded structures may be analyzed with other GeoDict modules for property simulation.

ImportGeo-Base is included in the GeoDict-Base package that is part of every GeoDict license

ImportGeo-Vol features

ImportGeo-Base provides advanced pre-loading options of geometrical structures (.gdt, .leS) and analytic data (.gad), such as setting new X, Y or Z dimensions, changing the discretization size (voxel length), or the origin position of the loaded structure geometry.

Additionally useful is that the user may select to load only a portion of the structure, saving resources by reading only a small section of a relatively large (e.g. 10003 voxels) but fairly homogeneous structure.

Additional GeoDict modules needed?

ImportGeo-Base is often used in combination with ExportGeo-CAD, ExportGeo-Fluent, and/or ExportGeo-Abaqus
ImportGeo-Base imports structure models and is valuable in combination with GeoDict modules for digital material analysis(e.g. FlowDict, FilterDict®, or ElastoDict).