Microstructure Simulation of Virtual Woven Filter Media

Stefan Rief, Erik Glatt and Andreas Wiegmann

In contrast to their random nonwoven counterparts, woven filter media possess much 
higher regularity and precision. However, they are more expensive and their application
 is in general only justified where high-tech requirements have to be met. As a matter 
of course, the woven manufacturer is very much interested in understanding the complex 
interplay of geometrical, flow and filtration properties, being the prerequisite for further 
optimization of his products.
The Fraunhofer ITWM software GeoDict is especially tailored to virtually generate and 
characterize filter media and, therefore, reveal the aforementioned interplay by means 
of computer simulation. During the last two years, substantial progress and extensions 
have been made to the software to satisfy industrial demands concerning technical woven.
This paper gives an overview on the latest developments in the generation of woven 
structures with WeaveGeo, a tool of the GeoDict Software. It is organized by application 
covering metal wire meshes and filter media for protective clothings.

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