Numerical Determination of Effective Material Properties of Porous Media

Jürgen Becker, Andreas Wiegmann
Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany


The properties of porous media and composite materials depend strongly on the
geometric distribution of the constituent materials. The GeoDict Software permits
to compute material properties based on three-dimensional computer-tomography
(CT) images or virtually created structure models. In either case, the property is
computed by solving a partial differential equation on the 3d image and postprocessing
the solution. Thus, by varying the geometric parameters in the
computer it is possible to design new porous media and composite materials with
improved properties.
The considered materials may range from fibrous and woven to sintered and piled
materials. Absolute permeability and relative permeability, effective thermal
conductivity and effective electric conductivity as well as pressure drop and filter
efficiency can be computed in this way.
As examples, we will consider the gas diffusion layer of a fuel cell, woven wire
meshes for filtration applications, and fibrous filter media. The simulated results
are in good to excellent quantitative agreement with experimental data.

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