Improved Control for Media-Scale Multi Pass Simulations.

Stefan Rief, Jürgen Becker, Andreas Wiegmann
Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany


Current media-scale multipass simulations in GeoDict / FilterDict work with
a fixed amount of test dust per particle batch. This does not account
properly for the transition from depth filtration to cake filtration. During
depth filtration, the amount of test dust may be larger because a
three-dimensional volume is available for deposition. When the surface
filtration regime is entered, only a two-dimensional surface is available
for deposition. With a fixed amount of test dust per particle batch, either
the simulation is inefficient because the amount is chosen appropriately for
the surface filtration, and many more flow fields are computed than
necessary during the depth filtration, or the simulation has to be stopped
after the depth filtration because too high particle concentrations would
yield unrealistic overlapping particles and too high pressure drop in the
cake filtration regime. The current work concerns the automatic detection of
the transition from depth filtration to cake filtration in multipass
filtration simulations and the automatic control of the simulation to
account for this in terms of numbers of particles / amount of test dust
deposited in a single particle batch of the multipass filter life time
simulations. The old and the new methodology are compared with experiments
performed on a multipass test stand.

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