GeoDict: A software–centered approach to the simulation of thin porous media and their properties.

Authors: Wiegmann, Becker, Cheng, Glatt & Rief
Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany


The challenges around the simulation, property prediction and ultimately the design of 
porous media are manifold. The first is the random nature of many materials  that requires 
stochastic descriptions of the material geometry. Next comes the need for fully 
three-dimensional simulations to properly capture issues of connectivity and anisotropy. 
Another point is the complexity of usually coupled phenomena and multiple scales that 
lead to sequences of simulations steps. Last but not least follows the task to make such
complex simulations accessible to engineers from other fields that want to use the technology 
to speed up the design of porous media compared to the purely trial-and-error approach. 
The GeoDict Software Suite is an attempt to deal with all these issues in an integrated 
manner and the talk will highlight a number of maybe unconventional approaches and software 
design choices besides showing a variety of porous materials and computed properties.

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