Prediction of diffusivity and tortuosity in micro and nano pores

Jürgen Becker

Math2Market GmbH
Huberstr. 7
67657 Kaiserslautern
As an example for the usage of DiffuDict, I will consider a gas diffusion layer as used in a PEM fuel cell.
A state-of-the-art gas diffusion layer is made of a non-woven fibrous substrate which is coated on one side 
by a micro-porous layer consisting of carbon agglomerates. The pore sizes in the substrate are in the order 
of 10-50 μm and diffusion is modeled by a continuum mechanics approach. The pores of the  micro-porous layer
are approx 100 nm wide and so Knudsen effects have to be taken into account. 
I will present how the net diffusion through this combined layer can be calculated.
As outlook, I will also show how the developed methods can be used in combination with FlowDict to determine the 
net mass flux through a membrane with nano-pores.

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