Prediction of filter efficiency and filter life time in different regimes

Jürgen Becker

Math2Market GmbH
Huberstr. 7
67657 Kaiserslautern
The presentation will start with a short introduction of the FilterDict module. 
The major part of this talk will focus on two topics: 
A) the choice of the adhesion model and 
B) the choice of the flow resistivity model. 
The adhesion model greatly influences the results of efficiency simulations. 
In this presentation I will show results for different adhesion models and present
strategies how to fit the model parameters to experiments.  
The flow resistivity model influences the result of filter life time simulations, 
i.e., the steepness of the pressure drop curve. Here, I will show that a model which 
was fitted to one experiment correctly predicted the results of a second experiment.

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