Export GeoDict structures with the ExportModule: Videos, 3d-pdf and CAD formats

Erik Glatt

Math2Market GmbH
Huberstr. 7
67657 Kaiserslautern
During the daily work with GeoDict the need arises to show GeoDict structures to others. 
Here videos and 3d-pdf files are interesting options. Both methods nicely show the structures without 
the need to handle GeoDict. In this talk I show how to export videos and 3d-pdf with the 
ExportModule of GeoDict.

As an interface between GeoDict and other softwares, like the Ansys Workbench, CAD-formats can be 
used. I demonstrate the export of CAD formats with the ExportModule. One exported structure will 
be loaded into the Ansys Workbench to set-up a Fluent calculation. 

Math2Market GmbH