GeoDict for Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

GeoDict is the innovative, integrative, easy-to-use, modular software for multi-scale 3D image processing, material modeling, visualization, pore-space analysis, and quantification of physical rock properties, tailored to the needs of the Oil & Gas industry's E&P sector [1],[2].

Another rather specialized application of GeoDict in the Oil & Gas industry has been in the assessment of oil entrapment, migration in ice pores, and oil release/spilling from artic ice based on X-ray micro-tomograms [3]. In the Geosciences, for example, the impact of fracture geometry on fluid flow [4] has been studied with GeoDict.

Naturally, GeoDict’s capabilities also include an intuitive user interface, workflow automation by scripting, export to other leading FE/CFD solvers, interface with Matlab®, customization to MS-Excel®, user extensive support and assistance, and much more.


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