GeoDict Evaluation License

GeoDict download and licensing requirements

Terms and Conditions to apply for a license

  • DO NOT SEND a license request from a personal email address or a web-based email client address (,, etc). The license request MUST be sent from an email address which shows your industrial or academic affiliation.
  • A license request email must conform to ALL of the following (unless contact with Math2Market GmbH or one of its distributors has previously been established) :
    • State your complete (first and last) name.
    • State your commercial or academic affiliation. For academic affiliations, and specially if you are a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow, include the head of department or advisor's name and email address for questions regarding your current funding and affiliation situation. CC your advisor on your request email.
    • Explain briefly the kind of project and field of intended usage of GeoDict.
      This information is treated as confidential and helps us in choosing the modules to include in the license and in supporting you during the evaluation.
    • Consider your funding situation. GeoDict is a commercial scientific software package, not freeware nor shareware. Check that funds are available to purchase GeoDict after a successful evaluation.
  • Consider Section 3. SCOPE OF LICENSE of the License Agreement, that directly applies to evaluation licenses
    • 3.7 The scope of the EVALUATION LICENSE relates only to the purpose of evaluating the usefulness of the PRODUCT for the LICENSEE's application case(s). No scientific or other publications may be based on an evaluation license. No consulting may be performed based on evaluation licenses, either within LICENSEE's organization or with third parties.

Download and apply for a license

  1. Select a PC with a configuration close to the following recommendations:
    • Modern multithreaded Intel or AMD CPU
    • Minimum of 16 GB RAM
    • 1-2 TB hard disk space
    • NVIDIA or AMD graphics card with at least 4 GB RAM
  2. Download - Click on the Download GeoDict® bar below and choose GeoDict for Windows or for Linux from the download table.
  3. Installation - Follow the installation wizard to install GeoDict. The installation procedure is also explained in detail in the User Guide.
  4. Licensing - to obtain a license from Math2Market GmbH to run GeoDict, start GeoDict and follow the interactive instructions to create a license request. Briefly, after installation:
    • Open GeoDict by clicking on the desktop icon
    • Select File

      → Choose license File in the menu bar

    • Click on the option

      "New to GeoDict? Apply for an evaluation license


    • Enter your name and your organization's name
    • Save the license request file, which is in .glr format
    • Finally, send the .glr file per E-Mail to support(at) or, if you are located in China, South Korea, Taiwan, or Japan, contact our distributors with your license request file instead

Evaluation licenses might be granted. A GeoDict evaluation license is always time-limited, and node-locked (bound to one computer). This is the computer on which the license request was created.

Download GeoDict®
  • We offer comprehensive help for a successful evaluation. Write to support(at) with any questions or suggestions.
  • Ask for login access to check the User Guide handbooks.
  • User feedback is appreciated. Let us know how your GeoDict evaluation goes.