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2022 24. November 2022

Modeling curved fibers by fitting R-vine copulas to their Frenet representations

Technical Report by Math2Market, Report No. M2M-2022-02,

M. Weber, A. Grießer, E. Glatt, A. Wiegmann, and V. Schmidt
2022 08. November 2022

3D-braided poly-e-caprolactone-based scaffolds for ligament tissue engineering

Journal of Functional Biomaterials, Vol 13, 230, Open access

C. Emonts, D. Wienen, B. Bauer, A. Idrissi, Th. Gries
2022 01. November 2022

Oxygen bubble transport in a porous transport layer of polymer electrolyte water electrolyzer

Journal of Power Sources, Vol 553, 232322

D.H. Jeon, S. Kim, M. Kim, Ch. Lee, H-S. Cho
2022 26. October 2022

Terahertz imaging for non-destructive porosity measurements of carbonate rocks

Scientific Reports-Nature Research, Vol 12, Article 18018, Open access

J. Bouchard, S.L. Eichmann, H. Ow, M. Poitzsch, D.T. Petkie
2022 22. October 2022

Effect of the Fibre Diameter Polydispersity on the Permeability of Nonwoven Filter Media

The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Online October 22

D. Thomas, N. Bardin-Monnier, A. Charvet
2022 13. October 2022

Two-step sintering of alumina nano-powders: A discrete element study

Journal of the European Ceramic Society, In Press, Online October 13

B. Paredes-Goyes, A.M. Venkatesh, D. Jauffres, Ch.L. Martin
2022 12. October 2022

3D X-ray tomographic microstructure analysis of dust-clogging inside nonwoven fibrous filter media

Journal of Membrane Science, In Press, online October 12, 121067

Y. Song, E. Shim
2022 03. October 2022

Materials processing model-driven discovery framework for porous materials using machine learning and genetic algorithm: A focus on optimization of permeability and filtration efficiency

Chemical Engineering Journal, In Press, Online October 3, 139540

T. Yasuda, S. Ookawara, S. Yoshikawa, H. Matsumoto
2022 30. September 2022

Framework for discovering porous materials: Structural hybridization and Bayesian optimization of conditional generative adversarial network

Digital Chemical Engineering, In Press, Online September 30, 100058, Open access

Y. Matsuda, S. Ookawara, T. Yasuda, S. Yoshikawa, H. Matsumoto
2022 29. September 2022

Deformation mechanism of Ni(O)–yttria-stabilized zirconia upon reduction and its effect on cell stress evolution in solid oxide fuel cells

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol 550, 232116

J. Tanaka, K. Sato, K. Yashiro, T. Kawada, T. Hashida
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