ExportGeo Module

The ExportGeo-Base module

The ExportGeo-Base module makes possible to convert GeoDict file formats into various non-GeoDict formats, and so, to integrate GeoDict structure models into user-known and routine workflows.

  • ExportGeo-Base is included in the GeoDict-Base package that is part of every GeoDict license.

ExportGeo-Base features

With ExportGeo-Base it is possible to export structures from GeoDict into various external file formats to use them in a non-GeoDict work environment. ExportGeo-Base exports the following file formats:

  • GeoDict Analytic Data (*.gad), an analytic description of material models generated by GeoDict.
  • RAW Data (*.raw), a 3D picture of 1-byte integer values without a header.
  • VOL Data (*.vol), a 3D picture of 4-byte float values without a header.
  • Avizo Binary Files (*.am), the binary format of Avizo for structures.
  • 2D Image Stack (*.png), all image slices of a structure as .png pictures.

Examples of ExportGeo-Base applications

The ExportGeo-Base module can be used to:

  • analyze material models created in GeoDict in a different software.
  • visualize material models created in GeoDict in a different software.

Additional GeoDict modules needed?

The ExportGeo-Base module does not directly depend on any other modules to function.

ExportGeo-Base exports structure models and is valuable in combination with any GeoDict module for digital material design (e.g. FiberGeo or GrainGeo) or with the ImportGeo-Vol module.